Thursday, October 21, 2004

Day Two

What a difference a day can make. They got to work ripping up the concrete in a couple areas. The first thing they did when they arrived though was to spend some time with Toby and Allie. We set up a fence to keep the pups from going downstairs but Allie found that she can fit through the rungs in the railing and go around the fence all together...Toby is a bit too heavy to follow.

To keep the dust to a minimum upstairs they sealed off the doorway leading to the basement and had a fan blowing air out the basement window. They punched the hole for the additional sump basket and also dug up the concrete in the future bathroom and sauna. Hey, you can actually see the sauna drain as it sits in, this dream is coming together.

Their preferred store for product is Menards as they've gotten to know much of the help there but when they don't have what they need they like to let them know that they won't hesitate to go to the orange store (Home Depot)...I thought that was pretty funny.

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