Monday, October 25, 2004

Day Four

I wasn't sure what to expect when I got home today but it certainly wasn't to see the laminated beams in place. Dan and John don't fool around. When I got home they already had two of the three beams in position and were in the process of getting them lined up by taking measurements from the wall to the beam at a few different places.They're letting the main level above relax into place over the next day by releasing the jacks slowly.

Our basement sort of reminds me of a military recruit where the Drill Sergent breaks the recruit down before building him up. Our basement is in the breaking down stage at this point but progress is definitely being made. The laminated beams are in place...the plumbing for the shower and sauna is in place and the sump basket is also in place.

Toby and Allie were good and stayed out of their way the whole day without the gate being set up. When I got home I had to put it up because they wanted to follow me downstairs. Of course Allie can slip through the railings while Toby watches wishing he were a little skinnier.

We've got to make sure we stay ahead of the construction on our end by having our selections for fixtures and all the other assorted things picked out and ready to go. I continue to be awed as I watch the job progress. I'd starve if I had to do construction like this for a living.

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