Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Day Five

The jacks were removed today and the main floor settled nicely on the laminated beams. There was some concern yesterday that they may have to use some shims to fill in some spaces between the floor joists and the beam because the main floor had settle unevenly over the pole which used to be there. No shims were needed and so far we've noticed no cracks in the drywall on the main level.

The other job of the day was to create a half wall out of the fully studded wall which separates the halfs of the basement. Tammy had the idea to make it a half wall so the bumper pool table could be positioned closer to it and pool cues could be extend through the opening without having to worry about bumping up against a wall. Plus, I think it will look nicer this way. We're going to arch the opening in the half wall as well as the walkway opening to the left of it.

Tomorrow should see some changes as they begin roughing in the walls.

Dan's heating and air conditioning man, Chance, came by tonight to size up the job and decide how to route everything. One thing we also decided to add is an air exchanger. I've always wanted to add one to help reduce the amount of moisture on our windows in the winter. I'm sure it's got other added benefits too.

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